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An online tribute to my doggy soul mate and the virtual petz I adopted along the way.

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  • 5/19/23 - A few adoptions were sent out, both from here and from the newly opened PUGS shop location! Also... a few more cuties have mysterioysly shown up on the crew page. I wonder how those got there...
  • 5/17/23 - A new ice cream meezer flavor has appeared! Thank you to our latest customer! Feel free to put in your order today. You get a new kitty and I get some hexing practice! Also... adoptions are now officially open!
  • 5/15/23 - Crew page is finally up-to-date!
  • 5/13/23 - An ice cream cart has suddenly opened up by the toybox. I wonder what they're selling...
  • 5/12/23 - More petz added to the crew page! It's such an interesting process going through and documenting these fuzzy pixelated creatures that I've had for so long.
  • 5/10/23 - Chatbox added--Chatter away! Webring joined--Explore the cosmos! Also: take a peek at my current stamp collection and a little gift for the grand opening of this website.
  • 5/9/23 - More pixels added to the toybox (because that's obviously the most important thing that needs to be updated right now). The crew page over at my other site has also been updated (but not completely... yet).
  • 5/8/23 - Created a button for P.S.! It can be found in the links section. Also, another button leading to my sister site appeared. Check it out if you wish to blast off to a new galaxy.
  • 5/6/23 - A little bare bones right now. But hey, at least there's a toybox. More petz to be added to the crew page soon. Links are stockpiling in the back until I finally turn off my lazy switch. Instead, I focus on various stylystic changes.
  • 5/5/23 - Website created!

Stamps for letters


P.S. Thanks for stopping by!